The School Management Team

At ANNADALE it Staff Endeavor:


  • to ensure that all teaching and learning methods in the classroom are of the highest possible standard


  • to provide an innovative and stimulating learning environment


  • to engage in effective Professional Development that empowers staff to deliver the curriculum in a way that nurtures and encourages each child to achieve their individual potential.


  • to actively pursue opportunities to expand the school into inter-related fields of curriculum provision


  • to involve other members of the leadership team in the management of the school through definition of roles and responsibilities and active involvement in the various school team meeting structures and processes

Staff Overview

The support and well being of our staff is very important. We provide an innovative and stimulating learning environment. Sophisticated organisational and leadership structures are in place that assist in setting clear directions and monitoring improvement toward them. This is illustrated through the school’s team structure. The school leadership team takes a strategic perspective, curriculum teams provide teaching and learning detail to strategy, and unit level teams are operational – developing and executing plans to achieve strategy and move the school closer to its ultimate goals of improved student outcomes. Examination of various curriculum and operational plans reveal a strong degree of alignment among them in terms of school purpose. Various key improvement strategies and actions designed to enhance teacher capacity, support students and provide effective leadership are resourced.
At ANNADALE School the overall effective school performance is a function of the quality of teaching and learning occurring in the classrooms. We have a school agreement about good instructional practice, including approaches to literacy and numeracy and a clear agreement about effective teaching practice which is observable in classrooms.
Various data and anecdotal evidence supported the School Self Evaluation contention that the school’s teachers possess high levels of capacity and commitment.
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